Prospective Students

Each semester, the Kedma community re-establishes itself with an influx of Freshmen and transfer students who easily find their place within the realm of the Hillel community.

Students join us from an array of backgrounds and personal experiences. Current students come from Public High Schools, Private High Schools, Jewish Day Schools, Yeshiva Day Schools, and the entire range of Israeli Yeshivot and Midrashot (seminaries). The community is comprised of an even mix of Maryland residents and out-of-state students. Kedma members participate in the full host of university programs, including Gemstone, University Honors Program, College Park Scholars, Civicus, First year focus, Freshman connection, Freshman Fellows, and the like.

Be sure to contact Ezra Altabet or Hanna Tova Glicksman, our prospective student coordinators, with any specific questions you may have about Maryland.

Religious Life:

3 Guaranteed Minyanim, 7 Days a Week
More than 14 Shiurim Weekly plus Chavrutot, Chaburot, Lunch N' Learns, Pizza & Parsha, and Mishmar Programs
Fully-functional Beit Midrash that offers a large collection of Sefarim in both Hebrew and English and Multimedia resources

Premium Kosher Dining:

3 All-You-Can-Eat meals everyday through the Hillel Meal Plan
Within 20 minutes of Kosher supermarkets in Silver Spring, MD
Many Kosher Restaurants in Silver Spring, Rockville, and Washington, D.C.


Facilitated roommate search through the Hillel online bulletin board and the Kedma Facebook Page.
The Department of Resident Life gives priority housing on North Hill (the closest area on campus to Hillel) to students on the Kosher meal plan when requested.

Shabbat at Maryland:

Between various Kabbalat Shabbat minyanim (Carlebach, Non-Carlebach, and occasionally a Sefardi minyan), two Mincha minyanim, large meals at Hillel, Chabad, and in apartments across campus, onegs, tisches, and the ever-amazing communal Havdalah, Maryland provides arguably one of the best Shabbat experiences on any college campus, nationwide!

Orthodox Rabbinic Advisors:

Rabbi Elie Schwartz serves as the Morah D'Atra, and Halakhic posek for the Kedma community. He comes to UMD as part of the OU's JLIC program.
Additionally, Rabbi Eli Backman runs Chabad on campus and is active within the Jewish community.


An eruv surrounds the entire campus as well as some housing off campus. See the Eruv page for more information.