Meet the Board

Kedma is led by an executive board consisting of the President, Vice President, and Treasurer who work together with six Kedma Officers.

Executive Board

President: Aaron Yitzhaky
Vice President: Elisha Galler
Treasurer: Avi Denicoff

Kedma Officers

Education Chair: Isaac Soltz
Social Chair: Shira Clements
Fundraising Chair: Chad Simon
Technical Chair: Gavriel Epstein
Shabbat Chair: Shoshana Kott
Chesed Chair: Lydia Sonenklar

Aaron Yitzhaky

President: Aaron Yitzhaky

The President is the face of our community. From speeches every Friday night to representing Kedma and our interests in the Hillel community as well as the wider University community the President runs the show. As the Chief executive the President also coordinates with the Kedma officers to give them advise and support in running their events and keeping track of their responsibilities.

Aaron is a Junior majoring in Kinesiology hailing from Potomac.  He is very comfortable to sit on, and thus makes an excellent Chair for Kedma board.  Also, did you know that there are no mosquitoes in Iceland?  Friend Aaron on Facebook and let him know how great a job he is doing.

Elisha Galler

Vice President: Elisha Galler

The Vice President is your second-in-command. They are in charge of sending out the weekly emails and learning all there is to know about running the Kedma community on their way to the presidency. Together with the President and Treasurer, the VP makes decisions that determine the course and policies of Kedma.

avi denicoff Resized

Treasurer: Avi Denicoff

The Treasurer is the final Executive member of the the Kedma Board. Aside from making sure events and purchases can be funded, they are in charge of overseeing Kedma's budget and coordinating with the Student Government Association and navigating the bureaucracy.

Isaac Soltz

Education Chair: Isaac Soltz

The Educaton Chair coordinates with JLIC as well as Hillel and many other student groups to organize learning oppurtunities for the diverse Kedma community. From guest speakers to Shabbatonim and Lunch 'n Learns they will find the right educational experience for you!

social Chair Shira Clements

Social Chair: Shira Clements

The Social Chair makes sure are lives aren't "all work and no play". Everyone wants to have fun and our community is always looking for great new ways to come together and get a break from our intensive studies. Events can be annual like the reccuring and ever popular dodgeball tournaments or one time events that leave lasting memeories to share with friends!

Gavriel Epstein

Technical Chair: Gavriel Epstein

The Technical chair is in charge of all of Kedma's internet presense. Keeping the website up to date, making sure all our forms and payments go through properly, and coordinating social media to make sure you stay well informed about the goings on in Kedma.

Gavriel is a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering from Highland Park, NJ. He likes Photoshop, in case you hadn't noticed. You can contact him on Facebook or send him an email.

shoshana kott

Shabbat Chair: Shoshana Kott

The Shabbat Chair organizes and runs our amazing shabbat experience. Arranging Kiddush sponsors, keeping the Eruv up finding speakers for seudat shlishit and running slow shira are just a few of the exciting ways we create the best Shabbat experience on any college campus, nationwide!

Chad Simon

Fundraising Chair: Chad Simon

The Fundraising Chair coordinates all sales and promotional activities throughout the year. This includes Mishloach Manot sales, Lulav Sales and more!

Chad is a freshman Bio-engineering major from Chicago. As the Fundraising Chair, Chad prides himself in his Excel proficiency. One time, he managed to raise $25 at a lemonade stand. Message him on Facebook, or email him at

Lydia Sonenklar

Chessed Chair: Lydia Sonenklar

The Chessed Chair brings opportunities for good deeds into our everyday lives. Events both big and small are coming your way, to help spread the atmosphere of giving back and paying it forward.