Learning Opportunities

In the heart of College Park lies a Beit Midrash... 

The College Park Beit Midrash was founded several years ago to promote advanced Jewish learning on campus. Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to use its resources including a complete library of Sefarim (Classical Hebrew texts), English Judaica collection, and multimedia software. Students engaged in regular Jewish learning often choose to schedule chavrutot (paired learning). There is a new chavruta matching form to help you find a chavruta to learn with. There is a full schedule of regular Shiurim (classes) to the right. In case you are unable to attend one of the shiurim, there is now a Shiurim archivethat has audio recordings of many shiurim available to stream and download.

Located on the second floor of Hillel, the Beit Midrash offers a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for students of all backgrounds to learn and explore. The Beit Midrash is always growing. To suggest an addition, contact us.

But the learning doesn't end there! At Pizza & Parsha on Tuesday nights, over 100 students come together and learn the parsha b'chevruta or in groups, while munching on deliciously free pizza. Then at Mishmar on Thursday night, they come back for more, often to hear a student-run chaburah or for some cholent.

In September 2008, the Maryland Kollel Program was founded by Rabbi Eli and Rebbetzin Naomi Kohl through the JLIC. Since September 2017, it has been run by Rabbi Elie and Miriam Schwartz, one of the two current JLIC families on campus. Students in the program sign up to take on a certain number of hours of learning per week. In addition, they maintain their at attendance at a certain number of weekly shiurim and participation in chavrutot outside of the Kollel.