Kiddush Donations


Each week, over 100 people from all corners of the Jewish community come together to enjoy Shabbat day kiddish. Each kiddish at minimum costs around $50-$65, in addition to an approximate $500 for the Simchat Torah Gala kiddish. During the year we depend on sponsors to ensure we have kiddish each week. Often, no one sponsors. When there is no sponsor, money from the kiddish fund is used to supplement the communal needs.

As a highlight of Simchat Torah, we make a large Gala kiddish. This kiddish, as well as the kiddish fund for the year, is dependent on this fundraiser.  We would like to ask guests, who come during the year or during Simchat Torah, to contribute as well. Anyone hosting please reach out to your guests to donate to this fund.

We are asking for a donation of $10-20 per student, with a suggestion of $18. Please step up and support kiddish for Maryland's Jewish community. If you have any questions or suggestions, would like to sponsor one week or would like to help in the kiddish committee, please contact Mikey at 201-294-1566. If you would like to donate in Venmo please Venmo @Mikeypollack or 2012941566


Kiddush is an intergral community building part of our Shabbat experience on campus. It is a time for everyone to come together and spend time with friends before splitting off for various meals across campus. Kiddush is made possible through the generosity of community members, families, and other student groups. No occasion is too small to help sponsor a kiddush; be it birthdays, siyummim, and graduations, we would love to share in your celebrations.

Below please find some helpful information about sponsorships:

  • We typically have 120-150 community members attending kiddush every week.
  • Full cost of a basic dairy kiddush is around $70.
  • Ice cream cakes can be arranged as well, please contact us for more information!
  • A larger meat kiddush with chulent can be arranged through either Hillel's catering or Shalom's Kosher in Silver Spring. Costs for these vary upon requested items. If you would like to sponsor a larger meat kiddush please let us know and we will make sure to get you in touch with the proper people.
  • Please give as much advaced notice as possible for your sponsorships. We would like to know at the latest by the Tuesday of the week you would like to sponsor.

To help sponsor a kiddush, click the Donate button below.
Any questions or concerns? Get in touch with our lovely team of kiddush coordinators Mikey Pollack and Ben Douek.