10/13 Avremel Backman's bar mitzvah! 5pm Mincha. Avremel will read kriah and share a few words. This is followed by a dessert reception. All @ Chabad!
10/13 Join our Scholars in Residence Ms. Laura Shaw Frank and Rabbi Aaron Frank for a Lunch and Learn on "Jews and The Fight for Religious Inclusion in America" and a Pre-Mincha Shiur on "What Do We Really Need from our Friends: A Layered Approach to Relationship from Aristotle and Rambam"
10/16 TNT!!! Come out Tuesday night for some awesome learning and free pizza!
10/16 Terps For Israel lobbying trip to Capital Hill! See the facebook event or Hannah Kark for more info!

Mazel Tov!

April 15, 2018: Mazel Tov to Yonit Ollech ('18) and J.J. Rosenberg ('17) on their engagement
April 10, 2018: 
Mazel Tov to Eitan Zecher ('18) and Rachel Rolnick on their engagement
April 10, 2018: 
Mazel Tov to Gabriela Alter ('18) and Jared Scher ('18) on their engagement
March 1, 2018:
Mazel Tov to Alison Boltax ('18) and Shai Brown ('18) on their engagement
November 5, 2017: Mazel Tov to Eitan Parnass ('16) and Hannah Jaffe on their engagement
November 5, 2017: Mazel Tov to Jason Kardon ('16) and Jannah Laserson ('18) on their engagement
October 27, 2017: Mazel Tov to Jonothan Bryn ('18) and Avigaill Weinberger ('18) on their engagement
October 22, 2017: Mazel Tov to Micah Spielman ('18) and Eliana Kahan ('18) on their engagement
September 15, 2017: Mazel Tov to Judah Kerbel and Eliana Shields on their engagement!
September 10, 2017: Mazel Tov to Arianne Schwartz ('18) and Avi Eisenstein ('18) on their engagement!
September 7, 2017: Mazel Tov to David Malamud ('18) and Rebecca Magazine ('17) on their engagement!
September 3, 2017: Mazel Tov to Tova Rosenthal ('18) and Jeremy Felder ('17) on their engagement!
August 23, 2017: Mazel Tov to Nathan Lauer ('16) and Tifara Ramelson on their engagement!
August 21, 2017: Mazel Tov to Danielle Mazel ('18) and Ben Dayanim ('18) on their engagement!
August 7, 2017: Mazel Tov to Thomas Brown ('18) and Tziporah Thompson on their engagement!
May 19, 2017: Mazel Tov to Rebecca Mogil ('17) and Jonathan Galitzer ('17) on their engagement!
May 12, 2017: Mazel Tov to Ariella Bloomfield ('16) and Joel Hyman ('16) on their engagement!
February 22, 2017: Mazel Tov to Ilana Levin ('17) and Ben Chamdi ('17) on their engagement!
February 5, 2017: Mazel Tov to Sandra Soltz ('17) and Davidi Howarth ('16) on their engagement!
December 6, 2016: Mazel Tov to Tomi Weiss ('16) and Matan Geller ('17) on their engagement!
November 10, 2016: Mazel Tov to Aaron Steppa ('15) and Ilanna Newman ('13) on their engagement!
October 7, 2016: Mazel Tov to Eitan W. Kahn ('17) and Yael Shapiro on their engagement!
September 30, 2016: Mazel Tov to Rav Alex and Rabbanit Ahuva Tsykin on the birth of Aharon Yehuda!

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