Welcome to Kedma

Now with over 500 members, Kedma is one of the largest and most active Orthodox Jewish communities on any college campus nationwide. Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere, including daily minyanim, a wide variety of learning opportunities, and a panoply of social events. Come spend a Shabbat with us and see why!

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• Acapella Teaser After KabShab -- Stay after to hear from UMD's Acapella groups! (like Kol Sasson!)
• Table Torah with Miriam -- For ten minutes after 9:30 shacharit!
• Rav Kook Chabura -- Sparks of Rav Kook with Rav Yonatan! Everyone is welcome, 12:30 Lunch N' Learn on Thursdays at Hillel
• Kosher Food Truck -- Starting this Thursday (and every future Thurs.) the Brooklyn Sandwich Company Kosher food truck will be parked outside Chabad (5 - 7 PM) stop by for delicious food!
• Chabad Shiurim -- Parsha, Tanya, and other shiurim are starting this week. Help pick the date, place and format! Chabad@umd.edu
• ACHIM @ UMD -- Contact Amanda Povman to become a brother or sister
• Kiddush -- Contact Kiddush Queen Mikey Pollack to help out with kiddish each week, and be sure to donate to the Kiddish fund HERE!
• Holla for Challah & Challah for Hunger -- Thursdays @ 5 PM in MPR
• Shabbat Crew -- Contact Alyssa (asilva@marylandhillel.org) to work the kitchen and get paid!
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Davening Times

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