Welcome to Kedma

Now with over 500 members, Kedma is one of the largest and most active Orthodox Jewish communities on any college campus nationwide. Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere, including daily minyanim, a wide variety of learning opportunities, and a panoply of social events. Come spend a Shabbat with us and see why!

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11/02 #ShowUpForShabbat! Join Jews everywhere in coming to Shul this Shabbat!
11/03 Lunch and Learn w/ R' Yehuda Seif
11/05 Dinner and Learn w/ R' Rafi Eis! 5 PM @ Hillel, dinner included
11/05 From Other to Brother- Let's Talk Coexistence Hear Hanan Schlesinger an Orthodox Rabbi and Zionist settler, and Shadi Abu Awwad, a Palestinian activist, come together in dialogue about coexistence! 6:30 PM @ ESJ room 1224
11/06 TNT!!! Come learn at student led chaburas while enjoying FREE PIZZA!!! 6:30 PM @ Hillel
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Davening Times

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